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Online Dissertations and Theses

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Online Dissertations and Theses

[Note: this list will be continually updated. Check back occasionally for updates.]

The Doctoral dissertations and Master’s theses listed below are all available online. If you have a dissertation or thesis that is available online please send us the link and it will be listed. Alternately, The Afghanistan Analyst can host your paper in PDF format. You may send a copy to contact [at] If you have a Word document and don’t have the Adobe PDF writer we will write it as a PDF file for you. If you have a PDF image file (a scan of each page) we may be unable to host it since we have limited storage and can’t take files over 5MB in size. It is possible to host it elsewhere on the internet and then send us the link.

Last updated: November, 2008.

Armstrong, Bradley J. (2003) Rebuilding Afghanistan: counterinsurgency and reconstruction in Operation Enduring Freedom. Thesis (M.S. in Defense Analysis)–Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.) Access:

Armstrong, Sally. (2001) Missing in access: a feminist critique of international documents that pertain to the human right of adolescent girls to access to health services and their impact on young women in Afghanistan and in Canada. Thesis (M.Sc.)–University of Toronto. Access:

Bleuer, Christian M. (2007) Uzbeks Versus The Center: Mobilization As An Ethnic Minority In The Tajikistan and Afghanistan Civil Wars. MA Thesis, Indiana University. Online:

Basso, John A. (2004) America’s last battles: organizing brigades to win the peace 14 lessons from East Timor, Afghanistan, and Iraq. U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, 2004. Online:,176

Cathcart, Susan. (2004) Rhetoric versus reality prospects for women’s rights in post-taliban Afghanistan. Thesis (M.S.)–Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Online:

Davis, Mark G. (2004) Operation Anaconda command and confusion in Joint Warfare. Dissertation thesis–School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, Air University.

Dyke, John R. and Crisafulli, John R. (2006. 2007) Unconventional counter-insurgency in Afghanistan. Thesis (M.S. in Defense Analysis)–Naval Postgraduate School. Online:

Green, Andrew Brian. (2000) Is there a Central Asian security complex?: an application of security complex theory and securitization to problems relating to identity in Central Asia. Thesis (M.A.)–Queen’s University at Kingston. Access:

Grieken, D.D. van (2005) ‘Collaborating Warlords’ in Afghanistan’s Political Reconstruction Process. Thesis, University of Utrecht. Online:

Groh, Ty L. (2006) Ungoverned spaces: the challenges of governing tribal societies. Thesis (M.A. in Security Studies) Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.) Online:

Hammidov, Bakhtiyorjon U. (2004) Fall of the Taliban regime and their recovery as an insurgent movement in Afghanistan. Thesis (MMAS)—U.S Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC), 2004. Online:,211

Hartenberger, Lisa Anne (and?) Straubhaar, Joseph D. (2005) Mediating transition in Afghanistan, 2001-2004. Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Texas at Austin. Online:

Hastings, Michael D. (2005) Integration of conventional forces and special operations forces. Thesis (MMAS)—U.S. Command and General Staff College (CGSC), 2005. Online:,384

Hudson, Jeff D. and Warman, Steven A. (2005) Transforming the American soldier : educating the warrior-diplomat.Thesis (M.S. in Defense Analysis)–Naval Postgraduate School.Online:

Hussain, Khawar. (2005) Pakistan’s Afghanistan policy. Publication: Monterey, Calif. : Naval Postgraduate School. Thesis (M.A. in National Security Affairs)–Naval Postgraduate School, available online:

Ip, Pik-mui, Irene. (2002) HK media’s new battlefield: Afghanistan the decisions of sending war correspondents. Thesis (M.Journ.)–University of Hong Kong. Online:

Kazemi-Trensch, Nosrat. (2003) Bildung von Mädchen und Berufsleben der Frauen in drei islamischen Ländern Afghanistan, Iran, Jordanien (ein Vergleich). Dissertation: Heidelberg, Universitat, Diss., 2003. Online:

Lyon, Peter David Sterling. (2007) A solution for ethnic conflict: democratic governance in Afghanistan, a case study. Thesis (M.A.)–University of Manitoba. Online:

Mahmood, Tariq. (2005) The Durand Line: South Asia’s new trouble spot. Thesis (M.A. in National Security Affairs)–Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.).

Oberson, José (2002) “Khans and Warlords: Political Alignment, Leadership and the State in Pashtun Society. Anthropological Aspects and the Warlordism Debate.” Master’s Thesis, Institute for Ethnology, Berne, Switzerland. Part 1: and part 2:

O’Quinn, Charles R.V. (2006) Invisible scalpel: low-visibility operations in the War on Terror. Thesis (MMAS)—U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC), 2006. Online:,581

Rhyne, Richard G. Jr. (2004) Special Forces command and control in Afghanistan. Thesis (MMAS)—U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC). Online:,249

Roe, Andrew M. (2005) British governance of the North-West Frontier (1919 to 1947): a blueprint for contemporary Afghanistan? Thesis (MMAS)—U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC), 2005. Online:,355

Sarabi, Humayun. 2006. Politics and Modern History of Hazara Sectarian Politics in Afghanistan. MA Thesis, Tufts University. Available online at:

Searle, Deane. (2007) Low Intensity Conflict: Contemporary Approaches and Strategic Thinking. The University of Waikato. Online:

Souza, Pete. (2006) A photojournalist on assignment. Thesis (M.S.)–Kansas State University. Online:

Summers, William C. (2002) Joint forward operating base elements of command and control. Thesis (MMAS)—U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. Online:,286

Tomasetti, Boyd Jason. (2006) Use of contingency contracting in a deployed environment at the tactical level. Thesis (MMAS)—U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC). Online:,584

Tse, Tak-wah, Sebastian. (1988, 1989) The buffer state and the buffer system: with reference to Afghanistan, 1881-1947. Thesis (M. Phil.)–University of Hong Kong, 1989.

Vant, Megan. (2007) In Legal Limbo? The status and rights of detainees from the 2001 war in Afghanistan. The University of Waikato. Online:

Verhoeve, Sebastian. (2007) De eerste fase in de oorlog in Afghanistan. Thesis Letteren – Geschiedenis (doctoraal). Utrecht.Online:

Villarreal, Raymundo, Jr. (2005) Role of the Department of Defense embedded reporter program in future conflicts. Thesis (MMAS)—U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC). Online:,369

Williamson, Myra Elsie Jane Bell. (2007) Terrorism, war and international law: the legality of the use of force against Afghanistan in 2001. The University of Waikato. Online:

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