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Pashtun Diaspora In Europe, Canada Wants Peace In Their Motherland

Posted in 1 by ppfcanada on February 19, 2009

TORONTO- Pashtuns living in canada and Europe Sunday arranged peace demonstrations in Toronoto and Paris to condemn civilian deaths and destruction of educational institutions in the ongoing conflict between Pakistan security forces and Taliban militants in Swat Valley and other conflict ridden districts of North Western Pakistan.

The peace rally was organized by Pakhtunkhwa Peace Forum (PPF-Canada) in front of Ontario Legislative Building at Queens Park Toronto here on Sunday. Besides a large number of Pashtun students, workers and civil society activists, the ralley was also attended by members of the Canadian Muslim Congress, PRAP Canada, Canadian Institute for Peace and Democracy in Pakistan (CIPD), Canadian Pashtun Cultural Association, Pashtun Peace Forum, Pakistani Canadian Pashtun Association, Canadian Afghan Association and people from different walks of life.

The protestors where there to raise voice for thousands of innocent children, women and elderly people who are caught between the security forces and the insurgents in Swat Valley of Pakistan.

They raised placards oin their hands with slogans “Please Don’t Destroy our Schools”, “Stop Genocide of Pashtuns”, “We want Books not Bombs”, written on them.

They demanded of the United Nationa, Canadian government and other peace-loving members of the International Community to don’t close their eyes to the gross human rights voilation and bloodsheding of Pashtuns on the pretext of fighting a war against terrorism.

The protesters also demanded that the UN and the International Community should devise strategies that can ensure peace for the terrorised people of Swat and bring normalcy to the region.

The Peace rally was staged for two hours. Participants of the rally also passed a draft resolution that they will submit to the government of Canada.

Speaking on the occasion, the speakers expressed their extreme concern over the killing of people both by Taliban militants and the security forces. They said that bombing of the civilian population has become a daily routine with the secuirty forces.

They also demanded that the government and humanitarian organizations should take concrete steps to provide assistance to thousands of people who are displaced by the conflict both in Swat and Pakistan Tribal Areas. They also urged the media not to follow the line drawn by the authorities but do objective and factual reporting from Swat valley.

PARIS: Students, workers and human rights activists hold a protest demonstration at Human Rights Plaza Paris. The protesters stayed at the plaza for three hours with placards in their hands and chanting slogans against both militants and the military in Pakistan conflict-ridden Swat valley.

Tourists from different parts of France and other European countries showed their solidarity with the protesters by joing them and staying with them for sometime.

Addressing on the occasion the speakers said that Swat- an erstwhile tourists’ paradise had been turned into a virtual hell by the ill-devised policies of the Pakistani government and Taliban’s extremist religious agenda.

They maintained that the conflict left thousands of civilians killed, 0.7 million displaced and 200 educational institutions completely destroyed.

The protesters demanded of the international community to play its role in defusing tensions and devising a comprehensive strategy for restoring peace to North Western Pakistan (Pashtunkhwa).

“If the militancy is not checked properly it may engulp the whole south Asian region and jeopardy the prospects of a peaceful world”, the speakers maintained.

A child protesting against destruction of Schools by Taliban in Swat valley. PPost Photo

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