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Pakhtunkhwa Peace Forum

Pakhtunkhwa Peace Forum is a forum of individuals and civil society organizations committed to project the true aspirations of the Pashtun people.

The objectives of PPF are to promote, strengthen and maintain peace and justice in Pakhtunkhwa. It promotes dialogues and discussion on different Social (Peace, Democracy, Human Rights) and Political issues. PPF is involved in advocacy efforts, including public advocacy and lobbying, and training related to its work. In addition, PPF carries on research in the fields of development, education, employment, peace and security and works in collaboration with other organizations to promote activities that will advance progress toward peace and prosperity in Pashtun populated regions.

PPF seeks to contribute to the implementation of these goals through producing relevant and high-quality public policy documents, and encouraging a pluralistic and informed public policy debate on Pashtun issues. PPF a Campaign of the Pashtun Institute for Peace and Development (PIPD) is committed to bring People together for Peace and justice in Pakistan, Afghanistan and around the globe.

Specific Objectives:

The Pakhtunkhwa Peace Forum is a non- profit and non-partisan organization working for the realization of the following objectives:

> To support the rights and legitimate interest of Pashtun and act in matters affecting their rights and status in Canada, UK, France, Germany, USA and elsewhere.

> To support and strengthen peace, democracy and stability in Pashtun populated regions.

> To purport and conduct non-partisan research activities about Pashtun language, history, culture, economy and politics.

> To impart and promote skills development, training and education for Pashtun youth to prevent their falling into the hands of extremists and militants propelled by obscurantist ideologies.

> To raise environmental awareness in Pashtun community.

> To improve human rights situation among Pashtuns, particularly women and children rights.

>To raise awareness among the world community about Pashtun language, culture, history and social system.

PLEASE START BY JOINING: we want to get to our 500,000 member goal as soon as possible.

What you can do now:

1. Join PPF.
2. Invite your friends to join.
3. Become informed. Read non-biased news.
4. Tell your friends what you learn.
5. Contact the media in support of Pashtun.
6. Contact your elected officials
7. Contact the UN Security Council and other agencies.

Join us on our Face book page:

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